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“How am I
supposed to handle all of my compliance tasks…
and still run my


Financial Payback Year One on
Investment in Time and Money, in
Addition to Reduced Business Risk.

A customer business case showing that
implementing GetCompliant has a financial
payback year one, not quantifing the reduced
business risk. Financial drivers include
increased workforce efficency, attributed

Increased sales and elimination of incidents.
Industry specifics for retail could be control of
supplies/merhandisers, reducation of waste and
returns and reduced OOS (out of stock).

The Compliance Challenge.

Running a business is no easy task. On top of the demanding workload of every day operations, a range of Compliance related tasks must also be completed in a timely manner. Additionally, regulatory authorities and other internal and external stakeholders submit ad hoc requests and require visibility into the performance of these tasks.

So, we challenged ourselves. Could we reduce the headache of complying with regulations and policies of varying origin, and at the same time improve the quality of execution of these tasks and raise the level of knowledge in the organization? It turned out we could!

We created GetCompliant, a cloud-based mobile compliance software service that lets companies comply with prerequisite requirements regardless of their business size or organizational structure.

GetCompliant comes pre-loaded with flexible Compliance modules for your type of business and your organization. You can jump start your usage with no need for complicated onsite installations or large scale implementation projects.

The GetCompliant Difference.

Always Informed. Always in Control.

With GetCompliant you can rest assured that your business is living up to all of its mandates. Execution and compliance is displayed in real time in GetCompliant’s clear and intuitive dashboard.

Since GetCompliant is cloud based, you always have access to the system and the latest information. Any time and any place.

Work the Way You Want To.

Usability is a core focus of our system. We know that our users have a very busy work day and don’t have time for complicated software that gets in their way. GetCompliant is designed with this in mind and is extremely easy to use. A key part of the compliance equation is knowing what needs to be done, so you can focus on doing it.

Most work is accessed from a “Todo” page where the user (regardless of organizational placement) can perform tasks, read instructions, collaborate with co-workers and much more. Each user has access to a complete log book of tasks performed, as well as a library of “How Tos” (written routines and guidance) right in their own pocket. This simplifies meeting current requirements as well as documenting past compliance.

Payback From Year One.

Our customers have significantly lowered the amount of time they spend on compliance related work, while simultaneously increasing quality and the level of knowledge in their organizations. In doing so, they have reduced their exposure to risks related to regulatory non-conformity and the integrity of their brand. Feel free to contact us and we can tell you how GetCompliant can contribute to your business.

How GetCompliant Works for You.

Operations Management.

As an Operations Manager, GetCompliant helps you manage and perform all of the compliance tasks at your site. You can connect to GetCompliant from any internet connected device, such as a smart phone, giving you easy access to all of the tasks, routines and instructions needed to complete your work. You can easily configure your own organizational structure and users, and assign tasks to your co-workers to ensure that they get carried out. See GetCompliant in action for you.

Business Management.

As a Business Manager, GetCompliant provides you real time insight into the execution of compliance related control points at every level of your organization, allowing you to plan and administer correctional measures in areas of weakness. Your Operations Managers are given a powerful tool set that provides routines and instructions for daily operations, freeing up time for analysis and business development. You eliminate the cost of developing and maintaining your own compliance solutions. See GetCompliant in action for you.

Compliance Experts.

As a Compliance Expert, regardless of your area of expertise (Fire Safety, Security, Food Safety, Workplace Safety OSHA, etc.), GetCompliant will put you in charge of your domain. You have full control of implementation and execution, and can easily report results throughout your organization. Together with us, you decide what content you want in the system. See GetCompliant in action for you.

The GetCompliant Roadmap

What is compliance in your business? Together we structure the requirements in three areas:

1. Regulatory Compliance - all the laws and regulations that pertain to your business. Depending on your industry, it coud be Food Safety (FDA, FSMA, HACCP), Fire Safety, or Workplace (OSHA) regulations.

2. Corporate Compliance - all the requirements that are non-negotiable from a management standpoint.

3. Additionally, you can augment these controls with any operational issues you wish to control, such as campaign or supplier management, space management or security.

GetCompliant's user friendly interface and intuitive implementation allows even large organizations to be up and running in a matter of weeks. Thanks to a Support and Technology Enablement strategy and on the job e-learning, the majority of employees quickly realize the benefits of the system for their day to day work and start using the system continuously. We have examples of rapid implementation with excellent results and high ratings from participants.

Managers and experts at every level of the organisation are given a view of how well their part of the enterprise complies with external and internal requirements.
Compliance becomes a natural part of business operations, not just a necessary evil, thanks to implementing a system that has ease-of use as a priority.

You can follow up on relevant issues and get feedback from operations online. The ease of mind that comes from knowing that concerns such as food and fire safety are under control in all areas of the business is invaluable. Additionally, supporting documentation and digital records far surpass your old paper based routines if and when an incident occurs . Finally, business intelligence and planning systems have access to information that supports critical business decisions.

“It was surprising 
to see how well compliance
issues integrated with normal
business practices, a broad
view on compliance is very productive.”

Chain Manager

“One intelligent system
that includes all my
compliance reporting
and only gives me relevant
control points at the required
time and place, with the
hardware I prefer.”

Store Manager

“The new system is
so easy to use, I estimate
I save 20–30 minutes per day
compared to my previous
routines. Time much
better spent with

Fresh Food Foreman

“From having an on-going struggle to get operations to pay attention to compliance, I now have an on-going dialog and reporting in line with daily business operations.

HES Manager