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What We Do For Some Key Customers.

All organizations have their own way of working with compliance. Most have been running it with minimum attention and investment, resulting in the work being viewed as a necessary but non value adding activity.
          Along with increasing requirements from regulatory agencies, and a growing awareness of the business risks of non-conformity, many organisations are starting to implement Compliance work as an integrated part of daily operations.

In order to do that successfully, with the positive involvement of operations, they need the support of easy to use technology. That is when they reach out to GetCompliant.
Here are some short stories from our key customers. If you want to hear more, please contact us and we will tell you more details.

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  • A Grocery Chain.

    Supplier compliance with respect to store visits and merchandising is efficiently checked by registration upon arrival at the store. Deviations in space-management, campaign fulfillment, in-store product displays, labeling and supplier returns are reported to store management and tracked by chain management.

    All Food Safety control points are registered in GetCompliant; everything from cleaning meat saws to registering temperatures in coolers. Deviations are registered with comments or pictures, and forwarded to the responsible party for remediation. If Food Authority agents show up to audit operations, all records needed to demonstrate compliance are available after logging on to any device. Additionally, any mandatory Compliance related documentation, including routines, flowcharts, guidelines and hazard analysises are readily accessible online.

    Before implementing GetCompliant, these records and documents were kept in a sometimes less than up-to-date binder in a back office.

    Other areas that require some form of compliance management (workplace safety, fire safety, etc) are also handled by GetCompliant and available from the same dashboard with a single sign on.

    Negotiations with suppliers are fact based when it comes to the number of visits, campaign execution, merchandising and quality of work. This transparency of execution is a win-win for both parties, and is a competitive advantage for the grocery chain.

  • Another Grocery Chain.

    Each day, store employees log on using the device of their choice, and are presented with a list of tasks that have been assigned to them for that day. Employees responsible for fresh meat are given food safety control points for their area in the store. They register the temperature of food items as instructed. If the temperature falls within the allowed range, they proceeed to the next check. If not, a deviation is recorded, and the user can supply additional comments and attach photos, using the camera on his or her device. The deviation remains open until it is remediated and closed. Food Safety Agency audits are a breeze, as the store has a complete set of digital records that demonstrate compliance, as well comprehensive documentation of all routines.

    GetCompliant presents Fire Safety compliance checks to employees at required intervals. Fire distinguishers, fire exits and all other requirements are checked, and deviations recorded and corrected. If uncertain about how to perform a particular task, employees can look up procedures and requirements on their mobile device.

    Twice a year the Health, Environment and Safety (HES) review is presented to all store managers, and the review is completed and documented within the system with a minimum of effort.

    An external Security Company performs test purchases of drugs and alcohol from various stores, and registers the results in GetCompliant. Any deviations are immediately reported, so that corrective action can be taken.

    At any time, Management can review the Compliance status of the whole chain of stores, for different geographical areas or for specific stores. Dashboards tailored to different categories of user provide an instant snapshot of past or current compliance, with the ability to drill down and follow up on non-compliance issues.

    Their next step is to introduce a “Ready for Customer” module that will govern all the corporate compliance tasks related to presenting the store to the customer according to their Brand/Store guidelines, and yes, ”mystery shoppers“ will use the same module.

  • A Convenience Chain Store.

    Convenience Stores supply a large portion of the population with food and services, often 24 hours a day. Enabling their employees to handle Food Safety with limited training and rotating work schedules poses an array of challenges. Critical routines, such as temperature registration of foods, are at best paper based and can easily be forgotten or performed incorrectly, resulting in non-compliant handling of food.

    In the worst case scenario, this can endanger customers. GetCompliant provides digital access to Branch Standards for Food Safety and combines this with other Workplace Safety and Operations issues, such as fulfillment of franchise/supplier campaign agreements.

  • A Security Company

    Security companies that certify the Security and Fire Safety of their clients must pay special attention to their own compliance. GetCompliant provides Security companies with the perfect tool to continuously and efficiently perform this work, enabling them to maintain compliance in all required areas at all serviced locations at all times. Their employees use the system to monitor their own operations, and also implement it with their customers.

    Customers often ask for an external audit of compliance issues such as sales of drugs and alcohol,  and the Security Company performs sample purchases of drugs and alcohol and registers the results in GetCompliant, where any deviations are immediately reported. If, during Fire Safety checks, deviations are found that entail servicing or replacing equipment, they are immediately registered and at the same time parts or service is ordered. Each check that is performed and every customer visit is logged, including time of day, content and location, thus documenting the fulfillment of the Service Agreement between the parties.

  • Municipal Schools.

    Fire safety in schools is non-negotiable, and this becomes particularly challenging during staff turnover or when the school's facilities are used oustide of school hours. Checks need to be carried out at regular intervals, and any deficiencies must be promptly addressed.  Fire alarms may need replacing, fire distinguishers need to be checked, fire doors must be inspected and emergency evacuation routes kept clear. Using GetCompliant, the school administration and those responsible for performing the checks can immediately register any deviations at the same time that service and/or replacements are ordered, and the system keeps reminding them until the deviation is closed.

    A natural next step for School clients is to use GetCompliant to implement Food Safety for school lunches, as well as for other important areas of Compliance such as Workplace Safety and conformance to local regulations. GetCompliant is very proud to be able to support the safety of the children and school workers in our communities.